Harmonic Egg Saco
Energy Healing using sound, light and color.

By balancing your energetic field the Harmonic Egg allows your body to heal itself.
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Person sitting in the Harmonic Egg located in Saco, Maine
The Harmonic Egg® is a wooden resonance chamber designed with sacred geometry to create an environment for deep relaxation and internal balance. As energy vibration builds within the chamber, it connects with the participant’s autonomic nervous system (ANS) to allow the natural healing of mind, body and spirit.

Sound and light therapies have been used to promote health since ancient times, from the Egyptians to the Aborigines. They are now being accepted and adopted as modern medical practices look to the past for new advances in health and wellness. Find out how the Harmonic Egg can affect your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body.

July News

July purchase a 3 sessions for $299 and receive a fourth session for free!
June Special extended : Grief Relief Package $199
Grief can have significant mental and physical effects on the body.  The physical effects of grief include: Sleep problems, chest pain, stomach aches, headaches, and body aches, weakened immune system, changes in appetite and weight and gastrointestinal issues.
The Grief Relief Package includes two Harmonic Egg sessions and a book.
First session-soothing and rebalancing the nervous system
Second session- a week later will create peace by addressing grief held in the body
The package includes a copy of Mr. Grievely, a Story of Grief and Love, a new book written by Holly Gamache, M. Ed.
Questions? email or call (207)-831-4344 (831-HEGG)

Who we are

Healing Waves is the home of Maine's first Harmonic Egg. At Healing Waves, we believe in providing our clients with an experience that promotes relaxation and stress relief, enabling the body's natural healing abilities.

About Us
A lone tree on a small island on the water. Reflection. Calm.

What we do

Each client comes to us with a unique desire for healing. The egg provides a powerful sensory experience that promotes stress relief and relaxation activating the body's innate healing abilities.  Reclined in a zero-gravity chair inside a patented resonance chamber, the client will feel deep relaxation while being bathed in  colored light and sound frequencies. The light and sound chosen will be based on client needs.

Our Services
"After the session, I slept deeply. It was a very spiritual experience for me. Some anger I had softened. I realized a couple connections in my life holding me back. I feel like now I know the direction I need to go next. I'll definitely be making another appointment" -A.L.
"As you know, I ran a 10k this morning, and my left hip was having issues. I was trying to stretch it out and having no luck. After sitting in the harmonic egg relaxing, listening, my pain went away. Thank you for bringing this to Southern Maine." -K.G.
"Since the session, I have gotten more sleep than usual. I haven't felt tired, more that I've felt very rested and relaxed. I've been having super vivid dreams. Overall, I feel really good. I didn't get anxious on Sunday worrying about work the next day, which is a regular Sunday occurrence. I am totally content/not stressed out. I will definitely be back. Thank you for the awesome experience." -M.P.
"I feel better in a subtle way. I slept okay, only getting up 2 times. I usually wake up nauseous and then have hiccups. That didn't happen. I am definitely not tired today. I'm looking forward to my next session." -M.D.
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Parking for clients is available directly in front of 110 Main St. Additional Parking in the rear of the building can be accessed via the next lot down the hill. Enter the 110 Main Entrance and make a right at the elevator. Continue down the hall to the stairs. Suite 1210 is located at the bottom of the stairs.