Egg Guardians

The Healing Waves Team
Judy Stark

I am a fitness professional, Yoga teacher, lab scientist, and healer entrepreneur with a passion for wellness. I have experienced first-hand what stressful living can do to a person. This sparked my own journey to wellness and ignited a passion to help people find solutions to their physical, emotional and mental troubles.
Stress shuts down the immune system and contributes to "dis-ease" in the body, whether from a past trauma, a deep-seated cellular memory stress, or a current stressful situation.  
Our immune system knows how to heal our body but needs to be given the right environment unimpacted by stress to heal.
 The Harmonic Egg creates 50 minutes of a stress-free experience that will set your body up for self-healing.  I am passionate about how this can help people on a level I never thought possible. Be bathed in a peaceful environment and one not quite like any other.
I am thrilled to bring this to Southern Maine and invite you to come experience this for yourself.

Bill Carey

I first heard of the Harmonic Egg from my sister after her egg experience in her hometown of Bluffton, S.C.  She knew of my interest in energy work and suggested I look into it. I soon had an appointment at the egg nearest to me in Manchester. NH.
Inside the egg, I found myself observing the process. I decided to make a conscious decision to let go and just flow with the experience.
This led to a profound realization and release in my personal life during the 5 to 7-day integration following my session.
My next egg session improved a specific physical issue, and within days I was talking to Gail Lynn, the egg inventor, telling her about my experience.
Next, I invited Judy to try the egg. It impressed her enough to discuss becoming "Egg Guardians".
Within 3 days of committing to purchase the egg, I suffered a stroke. Gail recommended setting up remote sessions with eggs in Manchester and Baltimore. Within days of those sessions, I found I regained mobility, was able to form chords on the guitar again, and improve quickly.
As I continue my egg sessions, I am excited to be bringing the Harmonic Egg to Maine so others can benefit from this marvelous healing modality.

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Parking for clients is available directly in front of 110 Main St. Additional Parking in the rear of the building can be accessed via the next lot down the hill. Enter the 110 Main Entrance and make a right at the elevator. Continue down the hall to the stairs. Suite 1210 is located at the bottom of the stairs.