Our Values

Love -We believe that love, the highest vibration, heals all.
Integrity -We earn client trust through consistency of services.
Community -Our success depends on connecting to our client family.
Reliability - We are here for our client's success.

How the Harmonic Egg Works:

Energy therapies have been used since ancient times. These methods of treating afflictions of the body and spirit are part of Asian healing practices like acupuncture, yoga, and Qigong. All operate based upon the theory that illness is the result of blockages or imbalances in the body’s life energy. These healing techniques work to unblock or rebalance that life energy. The Harmonic Egg® combines the science of bio-resonance with the ancient wisdom of sacred geometry. This integrative energy therapy utilizes light, color, sound, frequency and vibration to activate the body’s natural ability to balance and restore itself.

The Harmonic Egg® engages energy therapy and technology to deliver positive, life-changing results. Because the Harmonic Egg® delivers a natural holistic energy therapy designed to help the body heal itself, clients have found it to be helpful for a wide variety of health issues. Adults and children have experienced relief from anxiety and difficult emotional issues, injuries and pain, spiritual dissonance, mental and developmental disorders, and illness. Even pets respond positively to energy therapy using the Harmonic Egg®.

  • Stress Relief
  • Relieve depression or grief
  • improve mental clarity
  • Clear past trauma from cell memory
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Balance the body's energetic field
  • Relieve anxiety, or PTSD,
  • Reset autonomic nervous system
  • ADHD, Autism, Sleep disorder help and so much more
  • Reduces anxiety in children & pets
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Parking for clients is available directly in front of 110 Main St. Additional Parking in the rear of the building can be accessed via the next lot down the hill. Enter the 110 Main Entrance and make a right at the elevator. Continue down the hall to the stairs. Suite 1210 is located at the bottom of the stairs.